Veteran’s Day Profile: Veteran Homeowner Works with De Young Mortgage to Make His Dreams Come True!

Veteran’s Day Profile: Veteran Homeowner Works with De Young Mortgage to Make His Dreams Come True!

Duty, honor, country and the rest of the ideals that have made and inspired great American Armed Forces for generations are extremely important to everyone at De Young Mortgage. As Veteran’s Day approaches, De Young Mortgage would like to pay tribute to our active military and veterans alike in honor of their service, sacrifice and commitment to our country.

De Young Mortgage is proud to have made home ownership a reality for many veterans in our community and is happy to create financing options to allow for even more new Veteran homebuyers, including Central Valley native David Agbisit, a United States Marine Corps Veteran. David, who served in the USMC from 1986-1994, just purchased his first De Young Properties home in De Young Trailside at Loma Vista, located in Clovis.

When asked what Veteran’s Day means to him, David said, “Veteran’s Day is a day to honor and recognize the men and women who signed a blank check to protect this country and its people, regardless of race, orientation, or affiliation from all enemies foreign and domestic until we are physically or mentally unable.” According to David, when it comes to his military service, he is most proud of, “Just being to serve my country and to call myself a United States Marine. I take that path to heart and will defend this country until I die.”

David and his wife, Elizabeth, worked with the De Young Mortgage Team to help provide them with a stress-free process of exploring special financing programs and selecting which path was right for them.

”Our experience with De Young Mortgage was honest, respectful and easy to work with during this process.” David said.

David and Elizabeth are excited about moving in and knowing the home is theirs, as well as meeting and making some good friends in the Trailside community.

“We would 100% recommend De Young Mortgage and De Young Properties to our family and friends.” David stated. “We chose De Young Properties because of their craftsmanship and reputation but we mainly chose them due to the fact they were the only ones to reach and to act like they cared. They’ve been 100% genuine and helpful throughout the whole process.” he added.

The professionals at De Young Mortgage are well acquainted with the Veterans Home Loan as well as the FHA, USDA and other conventional loans. Owning a De Young home has never been easier with a variety of down payment assistance programs, the team is sure to find an option suitable for almost anyone.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a home for the first time or just refinancing, our goal is to provide the same high level of service and integrity that matches the De Young name.

To learn more about a VA Home Loan or any other financing programs through De Young Mortgage, call (559) 439-9494.